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Alaina’s Cardio/Ab Workout
By: Alaina
Doing cardio is the ultimate key to reducing overall body fat, and since it is difficult to get rid of stomach fat, it is important to work out your abs as well. I have found that doing this workout once to twice a day is very effective. However, if you’re serious about getting healthy and fit, remember that it’s all about 80% eating clean & healthy and 20% fitness.
Below are some of my favorite exercises that will give you a good cardio & ab workout. I challenge you to do this once to twice a day, so put on some upbeat music, get motivated, and don’t forget to stretch! Once this workout becomes a breeze for you, try adding on reps, going on longer runs, and trying more exercises to maintain strong, healthy muscles and get toned. Remember to stay hydrated and to push yourself (not to the point of injury, however)—set goals and even try it with friends. You can do it; I believe in you!
50 jumping jacks
50 crunches
1 min high knees
30 bicycle crunches
30 squats
20 jumping squats
20 Russian twists
40 leg lifts
20 burpees
1 minute plank
10 minute run

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